Who's Who At TBS


Officers and Board of Trustees 2013-14

As elected at the TBS Annual Meeting held on May 19, 2013

President: Paul G. Weiss / president@tremontstreetshul.org
First Vice-President: Josef Messer
Second Vice-President: Hilary Caplan
Treasurer: Arnold Reinhold
Assistant Treasurer: Brian Eisenstein

Board of Trustees

Jessi Abrahams
James Ballon
Aaron Block
James Carolan
Rachela Elias
Ed Kahn*
Linda Kasten

Shelly Levy
Adam Manacher
Barbara Model
Julia Rosenschein*
Jonathon Weiss
Mark Whittum
Abby Zanger

* = new Board members.

The Board can be reached via: tbsboard {at} tremontstreetshul.org

Board minutes

Life Members

Jim Drazen
Ted Kaptchuk

Honorary Trustees

Celia Blum

Past Presidents

Paul G. Weiss
Mark Whittum
Linda Kasten
Joel Herda

Committees / Chairpersons, and other coordinators

20s/30s Julia Mayer / Eric Walk
20s30sinfo { at } tremontstreetshul.org
Ausblick (TBS Newsletter)
Vardit Samuels
ausblick { at } tremontstreetshul.org
James Carolan / Barbara Model / Arnold Reinhold
building { at } tremontstreetshul.org
Linda Kasten, chair
chesed { at } tremontstreetshul.org
D'vrei Torah Coordinator
Mark Fein
divreitorah { at } tremontstreetshul.org
Brian Eisenstein
brianeisenstein { at } yahoo.com
Josef Messer
Vanessa LeFevre
kaddish { at } tremontstreetshul.org
Barbara Model
Kiddush { at } tremontstreetshul.org
Leyning (Torah Reading) Coordinator
Tamara Friedler
leyning { at } tremontstreetshul.org
Abby Zanger
membership { at } tremontstreetshul.org
NExT Social programming for those in their mid 30s and up
Jonathon Weiss / Joel Herda / Aaron Block
NExT-info { at } tremontstreetshul.org
Linda Kasten
programs { at } tremontstreetshul.org
Peter Squires
ritual { at } tremontstreetshul.org
Web Site Gedalia Pasternak et al.
web-vaad { at } tremontstreetshul.org

8 Tremont St., Cambridge, MA 02139, USA Directions
Voice, Messages and Events Recording: (617) 864-6388
Fax: (617) 864-0507
E-mail: office@tremontstreetshul.org