Worship Services

Our worship services are conducted in Hebrew and follow a traditional Ashkenaz nusach.

Friday Night - 6:30 PM

Saturday Morning - 9:30 AM

Weekday Morning

The TBS Guide to Worship explains more about what our services are like.

Minyan Coordinators

The following members are helping make sure that our weekly services happen. If you can help make a minyan, want to volunteer to help with services, or just want to know a good person to contact, drop them a line.

Sunday Morning Trad
Peter Squires
ritual { at } tremontstreetshul.org
Monday Morning Egal
Paul Weiss and Ed Kahn
mondays { at } tremontstreetshul.org
Friday Night Egal
Hilary Caplan and Jessi Abrahams
fridaynight { at } tremontstreetshul.org
Saturday Morning Trad
Trad Minyan Steering Committee
trad { at } tremontstreetshul.org
Saturday Morning Egal
Egal Minyan Steering Committee
egal-steering { at } tremontstreetshul.org

Leyning Coordinator

We are always looking for new Leyners.
E-mail Sarah Beila Chankin-Gould sbcg {at} tremontstreetshul.org to volunteer, or sign up on the Leyning wiki.




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