We welcome donations for specific programs or to our general operating funds. Your contributions help fund the many events that help make our community great! Note that PayPal does take a small percentage of every transaction, so it is better for the shul if the larger donations ($350 or larger) are made by check made out to “Temple Beth Shalom of Cambridge”. However, it’s better for the shul if you make a large donation by PayPal rather than not getting around to sending in a check at all.


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TBS appreciates donations of any size and for many things. If you wish to make a donation for an amount or item not listed below or an unrestricted donation please do so here.
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Want to donate towards something specific?


TBS has many ritual related items varying from Torah Scrolls to Prayer Books to Kiddush Cups, all of which need repair or replacement from time to time. Exactly which items are in need at any given point in time may vary.


TBS has many building costs including renovation and general upkeep. In addition you can donate towards operating expenses including gas, heating, air conditioning, electricity, and vestry setup and teardown costs.


The TBS Chesed (kindness) committee provides meals and other assistance to members of the community who are in need.


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Joining the shul and becoming an active member is the best way to support Temple Beth Shalom. More information on membership.

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Sponsoring Kiddush

Please visit our kiddush page to learn more about sponsoring kiddush at TBS.

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By getting your Butcherie receipts stamped and bringing them to the shul office TBS gets a small percentage of the transaction.