Our Worship Services

The many flavors of minyanim at TBS

The TBS community is as varied as it is welcoming, encompassing a wide variety of ritual practices among its members.  Unlike many other synagogues, TBS often offers multiple minyanim (prayer groups) with different approaches to our shared tradition.

Egalitarian services encourage the full ritual participation of women and men.  A quorum is reached when there are ten adult Jews present, regardless of gender.  There is no gender-separated seating.  Regular Egalitarian services take place Saturday morning at 9:30, Monday morning at 7am, and Thursday evenings (time varies), as well as on holidays. We sometimes hold Egalitarian Friday night services for special events.

Orthodox services have male leadership, and a quorum is reached when there are ten adult Jewish males present.  Men and women sit separately, divided by a mechitza (partition).  Regular Orthodox services take place on Saturday mornings at 7am (2nd and 4th Saturdays) or 9:30am (other Saturdays), and Sunday morning at 8:30am.  There are also Orthodox services for most holidays.

Partnership services are a newer style of minyan, and practices vary from minyan to minyan.  Partnership services have male and female participation and leadership in a coordinated way at points throughout the service. Some minyanim reach quorum when there are both ten adult Jewish men and ten adult Jewish women, while other partnership minyanim reach quorum with ten men. Men and women sit separately, divided by a mechitza.  Regular Partnership services take place at TBS on Friday nights (time varies).  Minyan Tehillah, another local Partnership minyan, holds Saturday morning services at TBS twice a month.  Please contact the leaders of those minyanim if you have any questions about their specific practices regarding male and female participation, and how they count a minyan.

Worship Schedule

Friday Night

  • Partnership Shabbat evening service, time varies with the season, check the calendar for more information. The third Friday night of the month is cosponsored with Minyan Tehillah.
  • Egalitarian Shabbat evening service with special Shabbat dinners, check the calendar for more information.

Saturday Morning

  • Our Egalitarian Minyan meets at 9:30 am every week.
  • Our Orthodox Minyan meets downstairs in the vestry. On the second and fourth Shabbats of the month it meets as a hashkama minyan at 7am. Otherwise, it meets at 9:30am.
  • Everyone is warmly encouraged to stay for our weekly sit-down kiddush luncheon.
  • Shabbat Children’s Service – 1st and 3rd Shabbat of the month; 10:45 for preschoolers and 11:15 for K-2nd grade
  • Upon request or sufficient interest we will hold mincha after kiddush.


  • Sundays at 8:30 a.m. – Orthodox Service (followed by a light breakfast)
  • Mondays at 7 a.m.* – Egalitarian Service
  • Thursday evenings (time varies)

* 8:30 a.m. on Sundays and civil legal holidays
Help make the minyan.

The TBS Guide to Worship explains more about what our services are like.

Minyan Coordinators

The following members are helping make sure that our weekly services happen. If you can help make a minyan, want to volunteer to help with services, or just want to know a good person to contact, drop them a line.

Sunday Morning Orthodox
Peter Squires
ritual { at }
Monday Morning Egal
Paul Weiss and Ed Kahn
mondays { at }
Friday Night Egal
Jonathon Weiss and Eric Walk
friday-egal { at }
Friday Night Partnership
Jessi Abrahams, Hallie Chandler, and Nadav Havivi
partnership { at }
Saturday Morning Orthodox
Trad Minyan Steering Committee
trad { at }
Saturday Morning Egal
Egal Minyan Steering Committee
egal-steering { at }


Leyning Coordinator

We are always looking for new Leyners.
E-mail Tamara Friedler leyning {at} to volunteer, or sign up online.